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Power 180 - Wait What? Part 2

Sep 20, 2021


Welcome back to the newest installment of Power 180- 3 minutes of Housing Literacy that can change your life (sponsored by Powerful Homes). On today’s topic: Wait…what? Top 10 things you never really understood about purchasing a home or investment property but were afraid to ask (Part 2) Part 2: In this 3 minute episode, Matt goes over the market and WHEN to buy real estate (LET'S GET CLEAR) The most important thing about buying real estate is WHEN and of all the things you will do in your life…this is the one that you should NOT put off since it is one thing that gets bigger and better and more valuable over time. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out directly to Matt himself at 303-885-1644.



Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Housing Literacy Podcast with host, Matt Guarino, founder of Powerful Homes. Matt's mission is to empower dreams through home ownership. We're here to help. We're going to do this together and now Matt Guarino.

My name is Matt Guarino and this as Power 180; three minutes of housing literacy that can transform your life and empower your dreams. Today's topic is part two of a three part series called wait, what? 10 things that you never really understood about real estate investing or home ownership, or maybe were afraid to ask. So today we're talking about the market and one thing about the real estate market that is big all the time that people talk about is when should I invest? And what we like to talk about here at Powerful Homes is to buy now.

And you kind of unpack that, a lot of people think, well, the market's going to crash, or what's going to happen with the post-pandemic world. Shouldn't we wait to see what happens and understand it better. And for us at Powerful Homes, we believe that you make money on the purchase. Even in crazy times like this that's a classic, wait, what? You know, how can you buy at a discount?

Well, we're not necessarily saying you have to buy it a huge discount, but what we are saying is that you do make money on the buy, which means, you understand ways you can either create value or you have purchased some equity, you've captured some equity. So that way, this emphasis on worrying about a market correction or a crash, isn't as scary since you realize, Hey, this is how I can make more money with this investment or home that I own or have captured an equity. So I'm insulated from that concern about a crash.

So the second thing is in the wait, what? Is know thy enemy. So often people think also in this crazy market, I can't find good contractors or tenants are such a pain in the neck and they're the enemy and I have to kind of figure that out. Well, tenants or contractors or anybody in the market, in the space really isn't the enemy, problems are the enemy. That's what we talk about here at Powerful Homes and we have strategies and tactics and a very ethical approach to dealing with everybody that you interact with in the space. So know the enemy, the enemy is problems and any problem to can be solved and overcome.

So finally, today we talk about the fact that risk shouldn't be a four-letter word. Yes, investing in a home or investment property has risk baked into it, but we have the receipts in 25 years of field tested process that can overcome any risk we can, you can ensure around it, it, you can have an approach when problems happen and issues arise and risk rears that ugly head. And we would love to be your guides and help you get through any of the perils, any of the things that pop up as you invest in real estate or by your first home.

So today's quote is to do something today that your future self will thank you for. And we believe that buying an investment property or a home and becoming an owner is one of the best things you could do that your future yourself will thank you for. See you next time.

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