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7 Non-Obvious Keys to Powerful Real Estate SUCCESS

Apr 30, 2021

Welcome Back to Powerful Homes Housing Literacy- the Mindset and Tactics to empower your dreams through Real Estate. What does it mean to have Powerful SUCCESS? It is success based on your vision for your life that is sustainable and comes from within. Owning a home changes so many things and it is something that can only be understood by being experienced over time. You can’t read about what it means to be a parent or how to get 6 pack abs. You need to DO IT. As always, feel free to reach out to Matt via text with any questions! 303-885-1644.


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Welcome to the housing literacy podcast with host Matt Guarino, founder of Powerful Homes. Matt's mission is to empower dreams through home ownership. We're here to help. We're going to do this together and now Matt Guarino.

My name is Matt Guarino and I'm the founder of powerful homes. Our vision is to empower dreams through real estate. Our mission is to help 10,000 people in the next 10 years purchase their very first home, because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to buy their own home or investment property, regardless of their age, their race, their education level, or any of the other ways our current systems may keep them from doing that.

And how do we do that? We do that with a process by using a set of mindsets, as well as value-based tactics that I have learned over the last 25 years, having worked in the industry in my twenties as a CPA advising clients at my firm, Pricewaterhouse in New York City. I had to do that very thing at the corporate level, and then in my thirties, forties, and now my fifties, having purchased homes all over the country, multi-family properties, building homes, land development types of transactions. And I've learned that there's a system, there's a set of ways to look at it, a mindset as well as a certain set of ethics-based tactics to make that happen and create outcomes that are very positive so that you can get over the fear and make some great judgments in taking that leap of faith and owning your own home.

So in this in these talks, it's a judgment free zone. We're only here to be vulnerable and share with you some stories and real things that have happened to me and we've been able to figure out and want to share that with you. A lot of what we talk about, we say they're non-obvious things and there's tons of very entertaining and super cool websites and books out there that can give you some of the obvious things, kind of regurgitated at times by people who've never done it.

What we try to focus on here, the non-obvious, things you may not be able to find out there. And I actually wrote a book called Powerful Homes, which is really just a summary of all the things that have happened to me that I couldn't believe happened to me at the time, but man, that I learned from them. So happy to share that with you. I'm not looking to push an agenda or sell you anything again, just looking to share some things with you and so glad you're here.

So the topic for today is that the seven non-obvious keys to powerful real estate success. So the word success has seven letters in it and we love the idea of seven, and a lot of different disciplines seven means complete completeness, wholeness, and perfection. And so when we talk about the word empowerment, what we're really trying to do is be a disruptor in industry. There are 2 million real estate brokers in the US, we're trying to put the power into the hands of the person doing the investing or doing the buying, and we're trying to empower them to do it. And in doing that, we're hoping that the person becomes whole and complete and the best version of themselves.

So the word success, we're going to go through seven, seven things with those seven letters. But what does it mean to have powerful success? What we talk about there is that having a vision for your life that is a sustainable life that comes from within that comes from a set of values that you believe in deeply; say three, four, five values. In a prior talk, I brought up my personal life vision, which is a world where people have the courage, to passionately live their biggest life with their faith lately leading the way a world where people treat each other like cherished family and every circumstance. So my values are to have courage, faith, family for the benefit of growth and sustainability and faith doesn't mean something religious just means a higher code of conduct.

So the idea of powerful success is to identify those values and create a plan to live your biggest life. And I believe passionately that real estate is a way that every person could do that. You may have a special talent like basketball or singing, or you may have other ways to create resources like the stock market or bonds or Bitcoin or things like that. But for just regular people, we believe that strongly, that real estate is a fantastic way to create powerful success and to live your biggest life.

The idea too, is that you can't read about what it means to be a parent or how it feels to be a parent, or you can't read your way into having six pack abs, you have to do it right. So one of the things we're going to talk about is a mindset and tactics of how to do it, to live a powerful real estate success. So we always have a governing principle in a quote, so the one for today is from Teddy Roosevelt that says it's the man in the arena. You may have heard it. It says, it's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. And that's the first half of the quote, I'll finish it up at the end of this, this talk. But think, keep that in mind, it's not the critic who counts. It's not the people that try to trip us up as we go after our biggest dreams. It is not them.

So starting with the seven keys to a powerful real estate success, the first one is to set a powerful plan; S is for set of powerful plans. So we've all heard about smart goals for sure do that, which are specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant. You can Google that and find out what smart goals are all about for sure. And the last piece is to be T is to be time-based. But the non-obvious part for us is to not put off setting the powerful plan, including buying your first home. Home ownership should not be something in the category of finding my purpose, picking a spouse or a partner to live with the rest of my life, or even the career the different phases of your career real estate. The non-obvious part is to make it a priority. And we talked about earlier buying your first term as early as possible, and as long as possible, owning as long as possible. Power comes from doing that.

I bought my first home at 31 and the average in America is 33 to buy your first property to own your first home, about 40 million people in the US don't own about 125 million do own. But I would tell you that non obvious things to do that as early as possible set a plan, put it in writing, use smart goals and how to get there, how to save for the down payment, how to get your credit in good order, those types of things; set a plan, but don't put it off. Because owning your own home, activate something in you that will inform all the other things in your life. So it'll transform your thinking. I can promise you if you own it, things will shift and change in a very good way.

So the second thing for the success is the you, which is understand the power of real estate. So many things in real estate are unique, including the compounding of equity, one of the greatest forces in the world, compounding. Forced savings, every time you make a payment, you pay interest as well as you pay down your loan, which increases your net worth. There's special tax treatments, of course, and the commitment to a long term investment.

Give you some context, right? The global real estate market is around $250 trillion, which is about three times the world's GDP, all the goods and services sold in the world, it's three years of that. It makes up 60% of the global assets with residential real estate making of 75% of that at 160 trillion. So kind of wrap your head around that. Understanding the power of real estate, how it's a force in the world owning real estate. And it's one of the most reliable ways to make money and to create resources. And it has all those special characteristics. So understand powerful real estate is the second piece of creating a powerful real estate success.

The third is the C is to create a powerful team. So we've talked about again before about we become the average of the five, say to seven people, we hang around most. And I can give you countless examples of my, in my entire life, how have this one thing, creating a powerful team and hanging on to them for dear life has been one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. And the craziest part, the non-obvious part of that, isn't just with those people who know. What it is that we become the average of those people, for sure, but here's the thing. Every person knows around 600 people. So if you have say seven people that are amazing, that stretch you and you try dearly, you know, you're hanging on for dear life to keep up without great they are, they know 600 more people. And most likely many of those people are like them, right? So you're talking three to 4,000 amazing people.

So as I talked about it, why has this showed up in my life? So many times when I've been down in the valley, all of us have had struggles. Little phases of our life we don't even know that it's happening. Maybe you're in one right now. Times that we faced a challenge, we just didn't know what to do. Owning our own home that could happen a lot, or there's a solution that we've never thought of. If we have a powerful team around us, when we own real estate, those times that we're kind of stuck, it's amazing how amazing people know other powerful, amazing people. So third thing is to create a powerful team that'll get you through maybe the scary things that are preventing you from buying an investment property or preventing you from buying a home, they'll help you through it.

Another thing about that is the, the Powerful Homes team itself, you know, I'll leave my cell phone at the end of this talk. We'd love to help you do that. We'd love to be your coach getting you through the buying process or the investing process. I've been doing it for twenty-five years and we are passionate about it. And we love the mindset, know the mindset and love it and have the tactics that can get you through any scary time.

So the next C is to commit to a powerful life. So if you look up and you look up those articles and books about what are the most important life skills for the future, to live a powerful life in the future, you'll see things like cognitive flexibility. Another one that's on every list that I've researched is judgment and decision-making, acuity basically, personal acuity. How can you make a proper judgment about a situation and finally, an innovative mindset. Those are the three skills that are needed to have a powerful life in the future. So all of these skills are things that being a homeowner or an investor will bring out in you on a daily basis.

Why is that? Well, the market changes daily. The people living in your property have constant changes in their life or needs. Things going on for them including you and your family, if you live there and it's your own home, it's dynamic, it's a dynamic world. There are things happening every day. So it's constantly in flux. So you need to be fluid. You need to be able to react. You need to be able to handle the things that happen. So many people will get frozen when they think about, oh my gosh, I don't want to be a homeowner or an investor because it's hard and there are challenges and things go wrong.

But I would challenge that and say, instead of that being a bad thing or a burden, if you will, robbing you of your freedom whatever that means exactly. I would say the opposite. I would say that owning your own home increases in forces you to develop your cognitive, your ability to think and be flexible. It forces you to have sharper judgment and decision-making. You have to sometimes have to make a pressurized decisions while you on real estate. And it challenges you to be creative and innovative. So the fourth thing, the second C in success for powerful real estate success is to commit to a powerful life and develop the skills that you're going to need in 20, 30, and 40 and 50. Owning your own home, being the owner, having responsibility for all of it, makes you do those things and will help bring that out in you.

The next one is to expect powerful moments of growth. We say at powerful homes, we have a bunch of phrases and acronyms and one of them is to squeeze the day. And it kind of is a playoff of seize the day in carpe diem, but we say it a lot. And what does squeeze the day mean? The idea is to lean into situations, to look for what's challenging in this moment. What's something that I could impact. What's something that I could make a difference by fixing or understanding and tackling and putting down before it becomes too big of an issue.

One of the questions you can ask to get to the heart of that is what am I going to do about it? What am I going to do about this matter that just came up and looking for the hardest thing. Scanning the situation and looking for the hardest one and seeing if you can rise up and squeezing the days, looking into that moment. This is the way we create personal power. We talk about empowerment, it's personal power. Owning real estate helps bring that out in us. That's what we're all about here at Powerful Homes is creating personal power in you. So you have the context and you have the confidence to own a home, and then possibly another home and up to 10 because every American can own 10 homes. It's a cool thing. One of the greatest things about the American dream is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two institutions sponsored by our government will underwrite and allow every person who has a social security number to own 10 homes. Very cool. But that starts with the personal power when you squeeze the day and you get the reps and you do it again and again, and again, your confidence starts to soar and your power grows and such that it could become a superpower.

Your energy goes up when you have a problem. How do you handle problems? Now, do you feel your energy sink, your heart sinks when you see a problem or you surge and you feel like you got it and you can handle this. So expect powerful moments of growth and squeeze the day, every time.

So the sixth one is to see your powerful future. Every single present moment that we're in, will become our past and say that again, all of our present moments will become our past, like today will be tomorrow's yesterday. So if you think about that, see your future, what decisions and sacrifices should we be making today in this season of our life, so when in the future, we look back and thank ourselves for creating the resources or the relationships with that powerful team, right? When we look back and thank ourselves for making that happen in the past, I would say strongly that making the sacrifice, having the personal discipline, having the personal power to squeeze the day and to decide to buy a home will be one of the things you thank yourself for. I promise you of that. You can ask anybody who's in their thirties, forties and fifties, would they have bought a home five or 10 years earlier? And I guarantee you they'll say yes, because it's probably one of the best decisions they ever made.

So let's not put things off with a delayed life plan just someday. I'll do it someday. I'll lose the 10 pounds. I read a new book and I'll make it happen. Someday often never comes, today is all we ever have, and it'll never get easier or less busy. Make it happen today. So this is the last one to the seven non-obvious keys to powerful real estate success is to start today with one powerful action. The scariest challenge of our lives like buying a home or buying a real estate investment property can be paralyzing and easy to kick down the road. The only way to tackle them is to take it one step at a time. Just like that message we see in our car in the rear view mirror that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Our challenges may seem bigger than they really are, but we start to unpack them today. They will not have such control over our lives. We will, and they will also create the biggest resources, if we buy a home now to tackle challenges in the future. Let's start today and make it happen one powerful action at a time. The great news about the future. It doesn't come all at once, right? It comes one hour, one day, one week, one month at a time. Try to do one thing a day on your plan that you set and make it happen.

So back to the quote from Teddy Roosevelt, the second part is that if the credit doesn't belong to the critic, who does it belong to? Well, the credit belongs to the man or woman who actually is in the arena. Whose face is marred by dust and sweat, who at best knows the triumph of high achievement and at least fails while daring greatly. A powerful home will create over time, a powerful person, all because of the courage to dare greatly and go for it.

So glad you're here. And if this is your first time, welcome. If you've come back, thank you so much for being here. We're so excited about these talks in powerful homes and in the future. We're just getting started and so glad you're a part of it. My cell phone is (303) 885-1644. Text me anytime, probably the best way to get me or call me. And our website is Look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for listening to another episode of the Housing Literacy Podcast. Don't forget to like comment and hit that subscribe button and stay connected with Matt Guarino by visiting


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